Joe Ludmir

Joe Ludmir

Major: Mathematics


Joseph has always enjoyed public speaking, but now going into his fourth year in WUMT he has found a fondness for mock trial unrivaled. Whether it is playing the role of an overly eager linguist or delivering opening statements about how unjust an elderly person’s firing was, he has gotten to play tons of different roles on the team, but more importantly he has joined a close knit family in WUMT. When not mocking it up, Joe can be found in the library drinking a Caramel Macchiato listening to Taylor Swift while doing mathematical proofs or cheering wildly for the Lakers even though they kinda suck.

Joe’s Individual Awards


  • Arch Invitational: Outstanding Attorney (18 Ranks Δ)

  • Arch Invitational: Outstanding Witness (17 Ranks Π)

  • Billiken Barristers’ Invitational: Outstanding Attorney (17 Ranks Π)

4 Years on WUMT