Join WUMT!

WUMT will recruit for the 2023-2024 school year in the fall. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates about tryouts and learn more about WUMT! If you have any questions, please email our Recruitment Chair, Andrew de las Alas.

For Actors

Judging simply by the name Mock Trial, one might assume that this activity is only for future lawyers, but WUMT needs actors as well. It is the job of those who play witnesses to creatively develop a multifaceted character based off of a set of facts and a goal (the information provided in a legal document called an affidavit) rather than a script. Witnesses both have to be able to sustain a direct examination, which is more of a structured way of portraying their character, and a cross examination, a chance to show off improvisational skills. Mock Trial is one of the most unique and challenging ways to use your talents and expand your skillset, and we are always looking for more actors to join our team.

For Arguers

Mock Trial is a great opportunity to develop your public speaking skills and establish your own voice, enhancing your charisma and persuasiveness. Attorneys also work to strengthen their analytical/critical thinking skills as they come up with creative solutions to seemingly contradictory parts of the year’s case in order to develop the most innovative case theories. They will be required to learn how to adapt to unexpected situations and think (and speak) on their feet, a skill that is transferrable to both interviews and everyday conversation. As a bonus, our attorneys acquire real-life legal knowledge on trial proceedings and the rules of evidence that have helped many of our graduates succeed in law school!